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There for You (Pt. 2)
A/N: Just like before, don't read if you haven't played PSMD unless you want major spoilers. (:
Chapter 4: Just Another Adventure
Stars were shining all over the night sky, and tiny snowflakes were falling again.
The two heroes were finally returning home after being out and socializing all day.
"Phew, I'm starved!" Totodile exclaimed. "You're coming over for dinner, right? We're having a feast!"
"Maybe! I'll have to see what Nuzleaf wants to do."
"Okay! Hey, I was thinking, maybe one of these nights before we leave, I should invite all of our classmates over for dinner. Pops certainly has enough food to go around!"
He hopped excitedly.
"Yeah, that would be fun, except… make sure Pancham and Shelmet don't break out into a brawl. I can only imagine how your father would react…"
"Hehehe… that would be priceless! Well, I guess I'll see you in a bit? Maybe?"
"Probably. See ya!"
Chikorita entered the house and
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There for You (Pt. 1)
A/N: This is the sequel to my story "Come Home." So… yeah, read that first if you want this one to make sense. :P
And like always, don't read this if you haven't played Super Mystery Dungeon unless you want major spoilers.
Chapter 1: Winter
"More please!"
The tiny blue crocodile joyfully held his mug in the air.
"Just give me one minute to help this customer," Kangaskhan called back from the counter.
"Umm… Totodile?"
"Yessssss?" He sat there all jumpy and jittery.
"Are you sure you need more hot chocolate right now? You seem to be experiencing quite the sugar rush…"
"Oh, come on, Chikorita! You gotta have some fun and let loose sometimes! Don't you think we've earned us a little sugar after all of our missions this month?"
"Yes, I think we've earned ourselves a little sugar," she teased.
"All right, I'm coming," Kangaskhan called over to them. She walked over with a f
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Come Home
A/N: PSMD Spoilers. Don't read if you haven't played.
I do believe I will do whatever I can for this here village from now on.
If you should need me…
I'll go on adventures with you.
So… Well…
Uhh… Welcome home, I reckon.

"Hey! Hold up! Chikorita!"
The feminine leaf head reluctantly stopped sprinting and turned around, waiting for her tired partner to catch up.
"Sheesh," Totodile managed, panting heavily. "How do you run so fast? I mean, I know you're a higher level, but still…"
"I thought I heard a cry. She has to be close."
The two were silent and tried to listen. The Forest of Fairies was pretty quiet at that point since they had defeated so many enemies.
"H…ello? Anyone?" came the very faint cry again.
"Over there!" Totodile pointed towards the pat
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Mature content
Memento Mori (Pt. 3) :iconlifescreams27:LifeScreams27 1 0
Mature content
Memento Mori (Pt. 2) :iconlifescreams27:LifeScreams27 1 0
Mature content
Memento Mori (Pt. 1) :iconlifescreams27:LifeScreams27 1 0
Mature content
Avalar's Future :iconlifescreams27:LifeScreams27 5 2
Mature content
Falling Out of History :iconlifescreams27:LifeScreams27 3 0
Shades of Purple (Pt. 3)
Chapter 9: Why
Kunzite would be training the military today, so I spent the day on the moon, hanging out with the other guardians and doing my usual kingdom patrol. At the end of my shift I watched the sun go down like I always did. I wondered if he was watching it too?
A couple of days passed and I hadn't heard from him. We didn't really plan the next time we'd meet up, but I knew he was busy. Endymion has been working those four generals like crazy lately and really focusing on strengthening their military. I don't know why, but it's been happening. I figured I'd give it a couple more days or so and then go down and see him if I still didn't hear anything.
"Gentlemen!" Endymion assembled his four generals. "There is someone I'd like you to meet. This is Beryl. She will also be a commanding officer for our troops along with you four."
A sweet looking woman with red hair st
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Shades of Purple (Pt. 2)
Chapter 6: Everything You Do
"Hey, Princess!" I sat some bags down on the counter. "I brought you something."
"Ooooo!" she got excited. "When did you go home?"
"Just for a few hours today. I wanted to grab some stuff, and I found this and thought you might like it."
I handed her a shiny orange geode with a cute cartoon bunny sticking out of it. I had gotten it from a gift shop back home years ago. Serenity really loved bunnies so I thought she'd enjoy it.
"I love it!" she grasped it in her hands. "Aww, it's so cute! Thanks Venus!"
"Not a problem. Also feel free to go through this makeup bag. I had so much back home that I hardly even use anymore."
She set the gem down on the table and looked up at me. "I miss you. I feel like I never see you anymore."
"I know… I miss you too. We should plan a catch-up session sometime soon."
"Can't tonight. I have a date with Kunzite."
"You two are so cute. I can't even get upset that he's the reason I don't see you. It's so good to se
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Shades of Purple (Pt. 1)
A/N: This story is based on M2M's album Shades of Purple. Each chapter title is the name of the song that inspired it. I tried to stay true to the song meanings each time, without getting too carried away. This is a Silver Millennium story, written in a more modern setting than most.
Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon, M2M, Gilmore Girls, Pokemon etc etc etc. Everything referenced in the story belongs to the respective owners.
Chapter 1: Don't Say You Love Me
I walked through the door and found them cuddling on the living room couch. Again. I knew they were just being cute, but I felt pretty awkward as I quietly walked through the room towards the next hall.
"Venus, you're back!" Princess Serenity excitedly jumped up and ran over to hug me.
"Good to see you again, Princess. Hey, Endymion."
"Hi Venus. How was the trip home?"
"Oh, the usual. Nothing exciting. Although, during my parents' Sunday tea last week, my s
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Remember to Live (Pt. 2)
Chapter 5: The Backstory
She was a beautiful, 25-year-old woman who was generally more on the shy side. She could be very outspoken when she wanted to be, but that was usually only around the people she knew well. For the most part, Beryl was a quiet and reserved person, who typically just watched people from the sidelines. The person she watched from afar most often was Prince Endymion.
All the same, Beryl was a classy and dignified woman. She would not go over the line and stalk the Prince or anything of the sort. But as a resident of Autumn Plains, she would see him often. And she admired him. His ravishing black hair, that handsome face, the way he carried himself as a noble warrior, as the light wind would blow through his hair and cape… and of course, his charming personality; the way he would treat every single person with the utmost respect and kindness. He may have been a royal warrior, sworn to protect his kingdom at all costs, but he was also a very sweet
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Remember to Live (Pt. 1)
A/N: I always write my stories with spiritual/Christian themes, and so this one will be no exception. But I've decided to try something new and use Biblical symbolism and references this time, instead of being as straightforward with it all as I have been in the past.
I've brought the world of Avalar (meaning just the three home worlds) into this just for fun. Avalar is where the second Spyro game (Ripto's Rage) takes place. I've been wanting to write a story in that setting for a while so I figured this could be the one. It's just the home worlds though; nothing else from the game.
Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon, Spyro, Flyleaf, or anything else referenced in this story.
Chapter 1: A Day in the Life
Please! It's not too late to turn back. You don't have to go like this.
Can you hear me? Hello? HELLO?!

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Mature content
Remember You, Remember Me (Pt. 2) :iconlifescreams27:LifeScreams27 0 0
Remember You, Remember Me (Pt. 1)
A/N: This story is based on kind of a compilation of "Broken Pieces" by Apocalyptica, "Take the Bullets Away" by We As Human, and "So I Thought" by Flyleaf.
Most people probably know this, but just in case, Orre is the region from the Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD games.
Spiritual themes are included, as usual. Not til towards the end though.
Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, the songs described, etc etc. No copyright infringement intended. You know the deal.
Chapter 1: Intro: Orre
Phenac City was a gorgeous gem of a town. It was one of the most peaceful places in all of Orre. Even with the Pokemon gym and the new contest hall, the city still had those calm, serene vibes that could make anyone feel at ease.
Drew and May arrived there together. This was their first time in the region. Over the years, they had traveled together on and off, occasionally going their own ways for a while, but always finding th
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Mature content
You Shine Brighter (Pt. 2) :iconlifescreams27:LifeScreams27 0 0


God Loves LGBT People, And So Do Christians

God loves you. And so do Christians.
It's remarkable that this would even need to be said, but a quick internet search will reveal that most people who identify as LGBT don't feel loved, especially not by Christians.
A whole swath of books have been published in the last ten years to explain why people under the age of 30 have increasingly negative views toward Christians. Along with being "hypocrites", "judgemental", and "too political", the primary way Christians are increasingly perceived is "anti-homosexual". Even among young Christians, that final label was the first criticism that came to their mind about their own faith. The simple fact is that even non-LGBT people don't think Christians love LGBT people.
While it is true that some people who identify as Christian do hate LGBT people, most Christians do not.
To understand this, first you must realize that Christians are people too, just like gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people.
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What is repentance? Many Christians see it as the one part of salvation that is entirely in our hands. We sin and so we repent by confessing our sins and asking for forgiveness. If we're truly remorseful, we won't wish to sin again. Yet, why do many of us still dwell in sin? Is it simply because of our flesh bodies, as Paul laments in Romans 7, or is there actually more to repentance?
Part of being Christian is being aware of our own sin and repenting. However, many people actually fall further into sin because of how we approach this concept. Many of us lose hope, give up and give in.
The truth is that we can't stop living in sin on our own. We can be told over and over again what is sin and try and try, but we will fail. That's why some people give up, because we're told we just need to be aware of sin and try harder to overcome it. We put all our focus on sin and that gives sin all the power because we've made focus on it the center of our life.
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